torsdag, maj 23, 2013

Somaliske tilstande i Amerika

Fra Powerline kommer denne interessante reportage. I Minnesota har de den største koncentration af borgere med somalisk baggrund. Men:

Yet we know amazingly little about the Somali community, probably because we are afraid to ask the relevant questions. We know they are mostly Muslim — we can see the hijabs, we are familiar with the many local controversies to which their faith has given rise over the past 10 years — but are they loyal residents or citizens of the United States? In the conflict between the United States and the Islamist forces with which we are contending, whose side are they on?
To kvinder er blevet idømt fængselsstraffe i en terror-støtte-sag:
The ringleader was not exactly remorseful after the jury returned its guilty verdicts. According to the AP, she stood before the judge and stated through an interpreter: “I am very happy.” She added that she knew she was going to heaven. As I noted last week, she may be going to heaven, but she’ll be stopping off in prison first. As for the rest of us, she advised: “You will go to hell.” Yes, ma’am, the feeling is mutual.

CAIR er selvfølgelig på banen med brok over at dommeren stillede spørgsmål, der i deres optik sidestillede "Den rigtige Islam" med terrorisme.

Islamofobiiiii! Raciiiisme!

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