onsdag, november 25, 2009


Her er en lang og vigtig artikel om en nys udkommet bog. Jeg har ikke læst bogen, men artiklen tyder i alvorlig grad på, at påstandene om "Menneskeskabt Global Opvarmning" i bedste fald er hysteri, i værste fald bedrageri.
It is beginning to look as though the panic over global warming, which has our politicians so in its grip, may have been no more than a colossal scare story - to line up alongside all those other scares which have raced in and out of the headlines in recent decades, such as the 'Millennium Bug', which at midnight on December 31, 1999, was going to crash the world's computers.

The greatest myth of all in this story is the claim that the succession of alarmist reports produced by the IPCC represents a 'consensus' of the views of '2,500 of the world's top climate scientists'.
In every way, this is wildly misleading. The vast majority of those who contribute to those IPCC reports are not climate scientists. Many are not scientists at all, but economists or sociologists - even just environmental activists with no scientific qualifications whatever.

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